Why Does Near Like Toys?

Similarly, What is Near’s real name?

River, Nate

Also, it is asked, Is L smarter than Near?

Apart from L, Near is the series’ sharpest character — even more than his companion, Mello. Near made it all the way to the finish, but without the aid of L and Mello, he probably wouldn’t have caught Light or gotten as far as he did.

Secondly, Why does Mello eat chocolate?

Chocolate was given to Mello by Ohba because he thought it “represented all sweets” and would fit nicely with the tale arc in the United States. Due to the abandoned chocolate boxes, he classified the feature as “helpful” during the finding of Mello’s base.

Also, Why is L always barefoot?

Why is he so unkempt? This, too, is part of his allure: he loves sweets, never sleeps, squats constantly, and never wears shoes or nice clothing. Like many a superhero or supervillain outfit, his physical appearance is merely one additional eccentricity that endears him to the audience.

People also ask, Why does Near eat chocolate?

5 Chocolates That Come Close to Being Eaten Unfortunately, it is never featured in the anime, although near is shown enjoying a bar of chocolate towards the conclusion of the manga’s run. It was the appropriate symbolic for how Kira was taken down, because it required both of them to aspire to do what L couldn’t.

Related Questions and Answers

How did Near find out about the fake Death Note?

According to Stephen Gevanni’s findings, Mikami would always go to the bank on the 25th of the month. Mikami, on the other hand, went to the bank on the 26th after Takada was taken, which was uncommon conduct for him. Near finally discovered the false notepad at that point.

How old is L pre Timeskip?

When L is originally presented as the world-renowned investigator, he is 24 years old, and when Light murders him, he is 26 years old.

How old is N in Death Note?

28 years of age

What is Lelouch IQ?

His IQ, in my opinion, is between between 160 and 180.

What nationality is Mello from Death Note?

Mello is more likely to be Slovenian than Serbian if he is Catholic. The major religion in Serbia is orthodoxy, and Mello is not orthodox, as seen by their crucifixes. However, Roman Catholicism is the predominant faith in Slovenia, thus the name Mihael and the surname Keehl are widely used.

Are Mello and Matt friends?

When the NPA and Light learned about Matt’s presence, they dubbed him “Mello’s pal”. buddy, not accomplice. Then there’s the scene when Matt contacts Mello to inform him of Misa’s whereabouts.

What does l lawliet smell like?

L: White rose, gardenia, and amber with cotton blossom and ozone notes. The aroma is lovely and soothing, and it dissipates like mist. Berries and fruit, with a touch of jasmine and macaron, Misa Amane. A feminine perfume suggestive of a childish grin.

Why is light called Death Note?

Like how Light can affect people’s activities before death, it can make you hallucinate or see/do things you don’t have control over. Light may also create illusions, like as when he convinces practically everyone that he isn’t Kira when, in fact, he is.

What was Mikamis mistake?

Near learns the existence of the genuine Death Note when Teru Mikami makes the fatal error of interrupting his routine and traveling to the bank two days in a row while being monitored, solely to murder Kiyomi Takada with the Death Note.

What was light’s mistake?

Light’s fatal flaw is that he kills in ways that are unrelated to his purpose. Killing people with heart attacks not only makes him recognizable early on, but it also exposes that his assassination technique is unbelievably exact, implying that something strange is going on.

What episode is L’s funeral?


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Near is a robot who likes to play with toys. In the show “Near Death Note”, Near’s goal was to find the person responsible for killing his owner. Reference: near death note.

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