Where Does Ryan Toy Review Live?

Ryan Kaji stars in Ryan’s World, previously known as Ryan ToysReview. Ryan Kaji lives in Texas with his parents.

Similarly, What state do Ryan’s world live in?

Hawaii is a state in the United States of America.

Also, it is asked, Where does the Kaji family live in Hawaii?

The Kaji family of Honolulu, Hawaii, is enjoying a regular Sunday afternoon. They’re having a good time playing a game and filming it on Mom’s phone.

Secondly, Where does life of Ryan live?

San Clemente is a city in the state of California.

Also, Why did Ryan’s family move to Hawaii?

One of the reasons they came to Hawaii this year was to attend a school that was more intellectually difficult than his Houston public school. The other is that they believed the children were spending too much time in front of devices. They walk more in Hawaii, which Ryan found taxing at first.

People also ask, Where is Ryan and his family from?

Shion and Loann Kaji, Ryan’s parents, met as freshmen at Texas Tech University. Shion, the son of a semiconductor executive, immigrated to the United States while he was in high school and still has a minor Japanese accent.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Ryan Kaji go to public school?

Ryan Kaji, seven years old, is a typical American youngster who attends public school, has evening soccer, gymnastics, and swim classes, and likes spending time with his parents and younger twin sisters. Oh, and he’s Ryan ToysReview, a YouTube megastar with 19.7 million followers as of press time.

Where does Diana Roma live?

Video for children. 2018 VLOG Room Tour In America, Roma and Diana have a new home in Miami. Video for Children Diana and Roma provide a tour of their new home. Children currently reside in Miami, Florida, in the United States.

What does Ryan’s dad do for a living?

His father is a structural engineer, while his mother apparently abandoned her job as a high school chemistry teacher to operate the channel full-time.

Where is Ryan’s dad from?

Shion Kaji is currently concentrating on the Japanese market in order to assist build the Ryan’s World brand via a variety of entertainment/content and licensing opportunities. He was born and raised in Japan, and he wants to help Ryan reconnect with his origins and learn more about the country’s rich cultural past.

Who is Ryan’s World Dad?

Shion Guan, 31, a former structural engineer, drives a $80,000 Porsche Macan GT3 SUV to and from the enormous production studio the family purchased for $1.2 million in the Houston suburbs in 2017.

Where does Ryan and family live?

Ryan and his family chose to stay in Texas despite the fact that many of his YouTube colleagues migrated to LA in quest of better prospects. They now reside in Cypress, Texas, a wealthy suburb northwest of Houston. Ryan Kaji House is a large 6,200 square foot home located in a gated neighborhood.

What nationality is Ryan?

Ryan’s Nationality: What Is It? Ryan was born in the United States to a Vietnamese mother, Loan Guan, and a Japanese father, Shion Guan, contrary to popular assumption.

How did Ryan get famous?

Ryan’s YouTube channel began with him unwrapping and reviewing toys. One of his early “unboxing films” became popular in July 2015. Ryan opened and reviewed a package containing more than 100 toys from Pixar’s “Cars” series in the video, which has over 1 billion views.

How old is Ryan now?

ten years (2011) Ryan Kaji / Height / Height / Height / Height / Height

How much does Ryan make a year?

Net wealth is estimated to be $32 million. Fast forward to present, and according to Forbes, this kid’s most-viewed video on Ryan’s World has over 2 billion views, and he is now the highest-earning YouTuber. He was paid 560 times the average yearly wage in the United States ($53,490 in 2019).

Who is the richest Youtuber?

Despite previous controversies, MrBeast is the new No. 1 with record revenues, and Jake Paul is second. Here’s how much money these celebrities made. Jake Paul ($45 million) and No. Markiplier ($38 million) were also close to making the Celebrity 100’s $35 million threshold.

Where is the Kaji family from?

Biographical Information for Ryan’s World:- Ryan Kaji, a gifted young boy, was born to his parents on Thursday, October in Texas, United States. He is a Christian who was born to Japanese-Vietnamese parents. Ryan is ten years old, according to his birth date (as of 2021)

Do Diana and Roma live in Ukraine?

So, who exactly is Diana? She’s originally from Ukraine, but now lives in the United States with her parents, Olena and Volodymyr, who don’t use their surnames for privacy concerns, and her brother Roma, who has his own popular YouTube program called Kids Roma Show.

Do Diana and Roma live in Florida?

Anastasia, dubbed “Nastya,” and Diana, both 6, have become the most popular child YouTubers in the world, and they’re on their way to breaking all-time views records. Nastya was born in Krasnodar, Russia, and Diana in Kiev, Ukraine, both in the post-Soviet environment. Their family are now enjoying the Florida dream.

Are Roma and Diana twins?

Eva Diana Kidisyuk (born March 31, 2014) is a Ukrainian-American YouTuber known as Kids Diana Show. She runs multiple YouTube channels with her brother Roma (born October 22, 2012) and parents Volodymyr and Olena, providing roleplay-oriented children’s entertainment.

Are those Ryan’s real parents?

To be clear, Ryan’s name does not appear on the papers, but his parents do. Ryan ToysReview is operated by his parents, Shion Guan and his wife, Kieu-Loan (35), who helped him gain 21 million followers on YouTube.

What does Ryan do with all the toys?

The majority of the goods displayed on Ryan’s channel are given to charity, according to the family’s YouTube “About” page. And that’s a good thing. It might be difficult for young children to understand why we give stuff to others in need, particularly if the objects “belong” to them.

How much are Ryan’s parents worth?

The Kaji family made $30 million in 2020, making them the highest-paid YouTube stars once again. Ryan and his parents have made more than $100 million from their media empire as of this writing.

Where did Ryan Trahan go to college?

Texas A&M University is located in College Station, Texas.

Does Ryan have twin sisters?

Emma and Kate are Ryan’s younger twin sisters, as seen in Ryan’s World. Coco Panda (Combo Panda’s younger sister), two kittens called Rosie and Daisy, and Emma and Kate themselves are all included in the Emma and Kate’s World series.

Is Loann Kaji Japanese?

Kieu-Loan Thi Nguyen, better known as Loann Kaji, was born in 1984. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, to Vietnamese immigrants. We don’t know much about her youth, but we do know that she went to the University of Houston for college.

What language does Ryan ToysReview speak?

With a Japanese-language YouTube hub, ‘Ryan’s World’ maintains its global dominance. Ryan Kaji, an eight-year-old toy-unboxing whiz, continues on his way to world dominance.

Who is the richest Youtuber 2021?

In 2021, the top ten wealthiest YouTubers will be revealed. Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s World on YouTube) Mr. Beast, you’re a beast (Jimmy Donaldson) Dude, you’re perfect. Mark Edward Fischbach is a writer who lives in New York City (YouTube Channel: Markiplier) Logan Paul is a character in the film Logan Paul. Felix Arvid Kjellberg, Ulf (YouTube Channel: PewDiePie) Jake Paul is a character in the film Jake Paul. Middleton, Daniel (YouTube Channel: DanTDM)


Ryan Kaji is a popular YouTube personality. He has his own YouTube channel with over 8 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Ryan’s videos are about travel, outdoor activities, and general life advice.

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