When Do Pokemon Toys Start At Mcdonalds?

Similarly, Is McDonald’s still giving Pokémon cards?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, and it seems that McDonald’s is engaging in the festivities. You may acquire a set of collectable Pokemon trading cards with the purchase of every Happy Meal starting February 9th, 2021, and ending March 8th, 2021.

Also, it is asked, What year did Mcdonalds do Pokémon cards?

The 2011 McDonald’s promotional Pokémon toys were a collection of toys delivered in 2011 and early 2012 in McDonald’s restaurants. Each toy comes with one of the McDonald’s Collection’s twelve TCG cards.

Secondly, Is McDonald’s selling Pokémon Happy Meals?

The Pokémon Company and McDonald’s have joined together to create a limited-edition Happy Meal that includes Pokémon trading cards to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Also, Can you buy McDonald’s Pokémon cards separately?

This week, the Pokemon 25th Anniversary McDonald’s Happy Meal Packs will be available in Australia. Each consumer will be restricted to two packs, with additional packs available for $2 each. A total of 50 cards will be available to collect (25 standard and 25 holo).

People also ask, How much are unopened McDonalds Pokémon cards worth?

Full sets have sold for anything from $50 to several hundred dollars, while many of the individual cards are just $2. The Pokemon cards are still available at McDonald’s and on auction sites such as Ebay and Mercari.

Related Questions and Answers

How many McDonald’s Pokémon toys are there?

There’s a Pokémon card shortage all around the country. The packs, which feature four trading cards, are only available for a limited time, like other McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, so fans are racing to collect all 50 in the series.

Do all McDonald’s Pokémon packs have a holo?

Because the holo card is constantly on top of each pack, it’s quite simple to tell whether ones include any rare cards. This effectively allows scalpers to sell huge quantities of unopened regular packs without ever having to return any that include holo cards.

Are gold plated Pokémon cards real?

Unofficial Pokemon cards that are clad with gold-colored materials are known as metal Pokemon cards. The metal Pokemon cards that came with Burger King meals in 1999 are the most well-known. These cards were sold for $20-$50 when they were first released, but as demand for them has grown, so has the price.

Will Pokemon cards lose value?

Pokemon cards only retain their worth if they are kept in perfect condition. A PSA 10 Charizard loses 80% of its value if it deteriorates to a PSA 9 while in your ownership. Rare treasures are in high demand, yet it’s a capricious market.

What is the error on the McDonald’s Pikachu card?

The card in question is a Pikachu from the set, and most fans would consider it to be very ordinary; it wasn’t even one of the holograms! The card does, however, contain an unusual defect, with the corners of the card having a cut edge rather than a totally rounded edge like the rest of the set.

How much is a golden Charizard worth?

While collectors may be unhappy that the card’s value hasn’t increased much over the years, a pristine condition (PSA graded) first-edition Charizard might be valued between $1000 and $2000.

How rare is a rainbow rare Pokemon card?

Rainbow Rare cards (also known as Hyper Rares) debuted in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) with the Sun & Moon base set. …. How likely is it that you’ll obtain a rainbow Vmax? 75.82 percent Holo Rare 0.366 percent Shiny Charizard 0.549 percent Rainbow Rare VMax Charizard

In 2022, the popularity and value of the Pokémon Trading Card Game have skyrocketed, but is the TCG a wise investment? With the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s value skyrocketing in 2022, collectors may be questioning whether Pokémon cards are a viable long-term investment.

What are 1999 Pokemon cards worth?

A pristine condition Nidorino shadowless first edition base set card may be valued up to $160, while a 1999 first edition shadowless charmeleon can be worth up to $500. There’s even an Australian card collectors website where you can buy Pokemon cards for anything from $5 and $800.

How much is a holographic Charizard worth?

In the year 2021, someone paid $311,800 for a single holographic Charizard card, as reported by Nintendo Life. After a protracted bidding battle, the 1999 first-edition “Shadowless” Charizard with a “PSA 10 Gem Mint” rating sold on eBay for $311,800 via PWCC Auctions.

Are 2006 Pokemon cards worth anything?

Only three copies of the 2006 No. 2 Trainer are thought to exist, making it one of the most sought-after Pokémon cards. Because of its scarcity, it demands a premium price; in February 2021, a specimen graded Mint 9 by PSA sold for well over $110,000.

How many 50th Anniversary Happy Meal toys are there?

Unlike previous WDW 50 Happy Meal toys, this time there are eight total, and they are: Mickey in a rocket spaceship from “Mission: SPACE,” Mickey in a rocket spaceship from “Mission: SPACE,” Mickey in a rocket spaceship from “Mission: SPACE,” Mickey in a rocket spaceship from “Mission: SPACE,” Mickey On “Dinosaur,” Minnie On “Soarin’,” Daisy flies above Spaceship Earth.

Can you buy the mcdonalds toys?

Yes, you certainly can. The toys may be purchased individually for $1.69 at McDonald’s. It will cost you $ 0.79 if you purchase it with a happy meal, which is cheaper than if you buy it individually. You may ask the manager to allow you purchase the item, and he or she will most likely agree.


Pokemon toys are available at Mcdonald’s in many countries. However, they were not released in the United States until 1999.

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