Is Toying A Word?

Similarly, Is there a word toying?

Definition of toy Toy’s present perfect tense. the behavior of a toymaker.

Also, it is asked, What does toying mean?

Toy definition (Entry 2 of 3) unchanging verb. Toy with an idea is defined as 1: doing or handling something lightly or without energy or intent. They’re simply playing with him. 2: to entertain oneself as though with a toy. 3. To flirt with someone.

Secondly, Is toying a Scrabble word?

A scrabble word you may use is toy.

Also, What is toying in a sentence?

Sexual attraction is aroused by playful conduct. (1) He’s teasing the girl’s emotions. (2) We’re debating visiting Peru in the next year. (3) We have been considering buying a dog. (4) Quit playing around with your meal.

People also ask, Are you toying with me meaning?

3: to handle or manage (someone or something) deftly, frequently in an unjust or self-serving manner Are you playing games with me, or do you genuinely love me? Do not play with my feelings.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the nearest in meaning of toying?

stumbling, fumbling, mucking (about), and puttering (around)

Is it toys or toy’s?

Definitions and Synonyms of toy u200b‌‌singulartoypluraltoys

What is the adjective of toy?

Toyetic: The quality of being a marketable toy (of a fictitious character or thing).

What does it mean to toy with someone’s feelings?

to not take someone or their emotions seriously, particularly when one is in a romantic friendship.

How do you use sort out?

Sort out definition 1: by imagining I’m attempting to figure out how to go about doing it, to comprehend or discover (something, such as a cause or remedy). He is still looking for a solution to his issues. 2: to discover an answer to (something). These issues must be resolved as quickly as feasible.

What is the phrasal verb of toy with?

prank something to think about something, but not very seriously or for a long period. Synonym: to play about with something I did consider moving to British Columbia for a little period of time.

Is wind up a phrasal verb?

Definition and synonyms for WIND UP (phrasal verb) in the Macmillan Dictionary.

What to do if someone is toying with your emotions?

Use “I Statements” to express how you feel and be explicit about what he did to cause those feelings in you. Sayings such, “You make me feel uneasy,” should be avoided since they are accusatory. Don’t attempt to guess what he’s thinking, please. Make an effort to speak in a mature and matter-of-fact manner.

What does it mean to toil with someone?

Toil definition (Entry 2 of 3) unchanging verb. 1: to put in a lot of time and effort. 2: to go slowly and laboriously: plod.

What is playing with someone’s feelings?

I detest marketing tactics that capitalize on people’s fears and biases. Playing on someone’s sentiments is the same as encouraging and taking unfair advantage of that person’s feelings.

What is the synonym of trifle?

Coquet, dally, flirt, and play are some typical trifle synonyms. Trifle may convey fun, carelessness, or indulgent scorn even though all of these words have the same meaning—”to interact with or act toward without serious intent.” to play with a lover’s emotions.

What does indecisively mean?

1: a combat that was neither conclusive or final. 2. A person who has trouble making choices is said to be indecisive. Alternative Words for indecisive Adverb of indecision. More about being undecided from Merriam-Webster.

What is the plural of toys?

1 toy (noun); toys (plural).

What is the collective noun of toys?

Assembly is the collective term for toys.

What is the plural of puppy?

puppy, plural puppies (noun).

What is the noun of toys?

counting noun A doll or model automobile are examples of toys that kids may play with. He was much too old to play with kid’s toys. a play phone.

Is toy car an adjective?

A noun is a toy automobile.

Is the word toy a noun or verb?

Toy is a verb as well as a noun.

What is the past tense of sort out?

cleared up

What is another word for sort out?

There are 18 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related terms for sort out on this page. Some of these words include separate, clear up, crystallize, clarify, crystallise, straighten out, elucidate, sort, rectify, and enlighten.

Is sorted out correct?

The word “sorted” has a few distinct meanings in British English that extrapolate from the definition of “sort out,” which is to arrange items in a certain order. Although not for all of the slang connotations listed below, “sort out” would nonetheless be preferred in official or written English since it is slang.

Do not toy with me meaning?

to play with someone’s feelings; to tease someone. Tom and Ann split up because he was playing games with her. He was not at all serious. Do not tease me! I’m not having it!

Are you telling me off meaning?

When you reprimand someone for something they did wrong, you do it harshly or severely.

What is the phrasal verb of turn up?

Phrasal verb 1. When you say that someone or something “turns up,” you suggest that they appear, often without warning or after an extended period of waiting. On Christmas Eve, Tony and Richard arrived. [


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